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Our Library...

Al Shafallah Library was established with the aim of providing specialized knowledge services in the field of disabilities for educational institutions within the centre and external entities interested in the field of disabilities. This is accomplished through the provision of informational resources and technical services in this field.

Did you know?

Al Shafallah Library is considered the largest library in the field of disabilities in Qatar. It has accumulated approximately 6,411 knowledge sources, including specialized books in Arabic and English, as well as a collection of special educational stories, totalling around 3,541 stories.

Library Services...

Al Shafallah Library offers several services:

Information Resources Accessibility:

This includes books, specialized references, journals, audio-visual materials, and multimedia.


The library provides borrowing services for books within and outside the centre.

Reader Guidance:

Guiding users to appropriate resources within and outside the library.

Reference Service:

Responding to inquiries and questions from users in the field of disabilities.


Bibliographic Research:

Conducting research in the bibliographic database available at Al Shafallah Library in collaboration with the Qatar National Library.

Electronic Indexing Service:

The library provides access to lists of available books in its collection through its website for reference.

Current Awareness:

Keeping users informed about the latest additions to the library's collection.

Utilizing Educational Materials:

Al Shafallah Library offers a variety of educational materials that support educational processes at the center.

Library Sessions for Center Staff:

Providing reading and information resource sessions to support the educational process at the center.

Field Training Service:

The library offers field training for students specializing in library and information science and related fields in the area of disabilities.

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